Sunday, March 28, 2010

Digital slr rebel - Camera that I use my wedding photographer?

If you are looking for a wedding photographer, it is likely that soon here the words: medium format, 35mm and digital. These are the three main types of camera systems currently used by wedding photographers. We, wedding photographers, who have supported us for years as a camera system with the best. The purpose of this document is to provide information about these types of camera systems and the possible impact on your wedding she sharesPhotographer decision.

Medium Format

For medium format for many years was the best option overall. A medium format camera uses film cameras 3 times the size of a 35mm negatives - producing images with high resolution and beautiful extensions, however, and processing costs, which are very expensive.

Primary advantages: negative resolution. Previously, the fact is that a person who is a medium format camera was almost in itself a sign thatThey were a real "wedding photographer" (because the cost of the system).

Disadvantages: the use (the costs of the film are so high that some books on wedding photography to promote medium-format photographers, photographs) are limits, the film may be lost or damaged during processing, attention, and operate slowly.

35 millimeters

For many years 35 millimeters has a bad reputation for poor quality has been improved - especially in comparison to medium format. However,the last 10 years, the quality of 35mm film is significantly improved. Now is a format commonly used by professional photographers, in particular with the style of photojournalism and take almost a thousand or more images at a wedding.

Benefits from primary school to 35 mm: fast (easy, rapid fire and play), a large improvement in the quality of the extensions (many people find it difficult to distinguish between a 35mm and medium format 8x10 differExtension).

Disadvantages: film processing is expensive, and the film could be damaged or lost during treatment .. Many photographers have now scanned negative film, so that the files have become a digital file.


Professional digital wedding photography is a viable option, since around 2000 (although it can be said at this point). The quality of digital cameras is nowa point where many photographers feel the quality rivals or even beats, negatives or medium format. In fact, many photographers, digital wedding film medium format.

The main advantages of digital technology: instant review of images on the back of the unit at no cost for film and processing (although the savings required by the calculation of overtime to process the digital images offset); images more control (eg a slight rotation or cropping an imageis fast and easy with digital pressure, but requires custom) of 35 mm or medium format.

Disadvantages: the rapid technological progress over time and the cameras are out of date (although this does not necessarily affect you) as a consumer. Memory cards can easily be lost, the role of the film when you use the wedding photographer a digital camera (ask them how to make the photos are safe again) in the study.


WhateverI was told - all three formats can be a valid approach to wedding photography. Some may be more expensive than others but all can get good results. Many photographers use multiple camera systems. Some people use the medium format for Formals, but 35mm for the reception and coverage of the ceremony. Others will be shot mostly digital, but could bring film cameras as backup hardware.

My advice to future brides: before signing a contract withPhotographer, ask to see added to the sample expanded with the same equipment to be used at your wedding. If quality and color images, really does not matter whether 35mm or digital medium format camera was used to save the image!

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Friday, March 26, 2010

Digital slr rebel - Canon Digital Rebel XT vs XTi or XSi Upgrade

Now that Canon is the newest addition, is always very popular line of Digital Rebel XSi release surprised many current Rebel XT or XTi owners probably for the update. The short answer is. . . no! Not really worth. Sure, Live View, a larger LCD screen and faster FPS seems tempting, but it's worth it? What is really here for you? More bells and whistles, or better pictures? Personally, if I plan to updatesomething essential. Anything I can do better pictures and improve my skills as a photographer. Let me clarify.

All the Canon Digital Rebel is actually the entry-level digital SLR cameras. This includes the XT, XTi, and XSI. Shoot camera does not understand me, I am really very ill, and provide an ideal bridge for those who spend a children's game of simple world of point and want to see the photo beautifully made all around --the quality of SLR photography has. Canon probably did a better job of filling this gap. Better than any other manufacturer of equipment, including Nikon, Olympus and Sony. My point is that if you really want to go to a better DSLR, then raise your sights a bit 'over and look at the Canon EOS 30D and Canon EOS 40D. It is not only a challenge, improve your photos, but also to produce images much better.

Skip a line in the modelCanon chain of command, you will receive some additional benefits. A horse of a 30D or 40D camera offers a full-body metal. Metal bodies are made of plastic much more impact-resistant, durable and is marked on the line for Digital Rebel. The camera shares delicate and sensitive internal survive longer surrounded by a metal envelope. Also, you get better performance ISO, metering and picture control. Try to remember also that more megapixels do not necessarilyto make a better quality camera. Especially if the most 5MP.

Another advantage for the Canon 30D and 40D models, is that most accessories work with the 30D and 40D, which also work with cameras further the range of models like the Canon 5D. Rebel accessories are generally less. In view of eternal misery "upgradeitis" that the cameras there are many fans that can save a lot of money for the next update. Of course there is no need to save, you canCurrent always just a really nice new lens to go with this camera for the update;)

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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Travel and Scenic Photography 101

If you drive through the mountains somewhere, and you notice a car parked half off the road and some guy leaning to the left to avoid a branch with his Rebel 2000 camera in the act of concentration that you have found me. I'm doing this because for me it is a journey not respond if I had that beauty for posterity. I want to do some of the techniques, the shares of landscape photography, such a wonderful art form - simple, but elegant.

First of all, equipment. Much as the cheapoCamera Disposable nod, Get Real These cameras have fisheye lenses which I call "spam" lenses. They pack all with equal blurriness and boredom. Good photos are sharp, unless Blur for artistic effect. Sharp comes from an adjustable lens. There may be a fixed or a zoom lens, but it must focus specially for each picture. Targets set are limiting for scenic pictures, where the guest might need to move over long distances under. Imagine a fixed lens on WashingtonMonument, where a half block away! Enlarge my voice, though often not as wide open, which have their skills in low-light situations boundaries.

In practical terms, an SLR is the best ever. They are lightweight and can be used with lenses of high quality. Film SLRs typically less expensive, but the boundaries of cinema, which means that they must develop them, and so on. Digital SLRs are very expensive, so for a small budget, norgo with a film SLR or a high quality basic digital camera. With digital, resolution is also a crucial factor in seeking information before buying.

OK, we have the camera, emotions are the waves, and that is great, but not too big! Sometimes I have a job, it's nice to discover that I shot like a madman, only to be disappointed by the images. What happened? Emotions. If there is a place where there are sounds, aromas and breezes as well asVisuals from the spot. Needless to say, you can not photograph all of these elements, the only visually. When overwhelmed by the spectacle of a scenic hotspot, we are often overwhelmed by all these elements.

So what? Look through the camera. The viewfinder are not (usually). Try to see what you're searching for the final image. Most people superficially to photograph in the hope that somehow the shot will be great. If you're wondering how the pictures came out when you arethe way to the pharmacy to do that, you've done something wrong. At the moment the image, you should know exactly what you get. (Of course with digital, which is not a joke!).

Now I was a bit 'wrong to say that you can not grasp all the elements of a scene. You can notice them. For starters, motion. Yes, even in a still image, there is no movement. Something has happened before, during and after your picture. In one scene, mountain scenery, you can find somethingProof that when you move, if it is a branch of a tree, which is floating in the wind or a river through the valley below. These add a sense of movement.

Then there is the "rule of thirds." When you place the main subject of the picture smack-dab in the middle, is static and boring. Given that one third of the road on both sides, and the movement involves. Put the horizon in a landscape photography third of the way up or down, not in the middle.

Remember, if a person seesTo go to a picture, their eyes. You want your picture frame that the movement will help. If you have some lines on stage as a horizon, cloud formation, path through the woods, etc., used to find interesting, and the rule of thirds to draw the eye of the beholder into the picture.

Avoid "summit syndrome." You reach the summit of Mount Washington and shoot the majestic view. Great. The images come ... boring! How? Without prospects. Big prospects are flat unless you have aForeground object, like a stone or a tree to give their perspectives. Then the eye really grasps how big this scene. People enjoy the view is a real winner, because the viewer can identify with their emotions, so that the image real impact.

Cheese! Yes, you have a family to take pictures. Is required. But if you do this, make sure to show them the location of the photo. Otherwise, you could also do it in the driveway. Context of the scene in relation to landmarks such asPart of the image. Find a way, as the story in pictures, as they say it will soon be climbing on the rocks of the waterfall.

Finally, each element of the framework that suggests more than the visual sense, is remarkable. Actor headshots for example, a story on the topic. You can almost hear them saying their next lines. When you photograph a garden, the viewer can experience the fragrance of flowers. The road tour, to have an accordion player in a corner, you canFriends wonder whistling "Dixie."

In summary, while traveling, taking photographs to record the experience so satisfying. Use motion, perspective, say, sensory, storytelling and so forth to bring your photos to life. Oh, and of course say that your work easily and places! See you at the overlook!

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Sunday, February 14, 2010

Create a digital photo album and get the most out of your July 4th photos

The smoke is cleared and daylight July 5 is the time to clean up after the July 4 bash big wait - how. Why not put all the scare spent fireworks in the trash for an hour of fun and have a digital photo album?

After all, the best time to look at all the pictures we took the 4th Place is now. Of course, you can read this, even after the 4th, and if so, then it really is time to get your photos into a digital image ofalbum!

It 'really very simple. The first step is to get your photos onto a photo-sharing site. A search that allows you to upload hundreds at a time, without having to download special software. Some sites also have an auto-fill function that has created your album, how to upload images automatically.

If you create your own album, that's fine because it is very easy to death. Once you have uploaded your photos, take a moment to go through them online.If there are some which are not easy, then go ahead and delete them. Thus the organization of your digital photo album is a bit 'easier.

So if you have decided on our line-up of photos, you can think of the format and layout of your digital photo album.

First select a size, style (Windows) on the lid or without windows, and roof materials. Do not worry about the number of pages at the moment. It 'just the pages of your digital photo album, addas you create.

Start placing the photos in the layout. You can change the layout from page to page, as you go along. Even when you're done, you can go back and change the layout or pictures, if you like.

How to create your digital photo album, you can build a couple of things to consider: Do you want a theme, with the exception of the 4th July? Maybe you can expand to a special relationship, which are part of, or perhaps the most beautiful pictures of fireworks andwants to build a theme around them.

If you do not want to have a particular theme that is fine too. There is absolutely nothing wrong with a digital photo album that has just all your favorite July 4 images in it.

If you do run out of space, you should add the pages. Usually it is very convenient to do so, and you'll be glad to have the extra space when you see the printed results.

What is the most rewarding part of the entire process of building a digital photoAlbum. If your copy in the mail (usually only a few days to do so), with normal shipping cost, you will feel great about the good times we had with family and friends.

And if you can show your love for your copy of a digital photo album, I'm sure to ask how you did it. They are easy to embrace. Just go to the website and send a link to the album. In this way they can register on the site, and your copy and canMemories of all the July 4 had fun together!

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Saturday, February 13, 2010

What is the best digital SLR?

The best digital SLR for beginners and professionals is the Canon EOS Rebel XTi, but if the Canon EOS Rebel XSi comes out in April is the best camera for digital photography. Right now, the XTi is the best camera on the market. The camera is easy to use and has a superior performance. The camera is accessible to everyone wants to do quality photos. The CMOS sensor has been redesigned to match the new functions of the camera. TheCamera has a 2.5 inch screen with a cleaning system in-camera LCD. The camera is light and continue to provide the perfect pictures at any time.

Tenders Canon EOS Rebel XTi start recording three frames per second with a 0.2 seconds. The camera features a 9-point autofocus system with high precision. The user can control the sharpness, contrast and color. While printing, the images that the user has control over the press and the function of equity. The pixel resolutionthe XTi is 3904 x 2598 high quality images of insurance. The XTi is compatible with the EF-S compatible, and the EF 60 and other accessories for the EOS-systems are realized.

The digital slr camera has included a different photo settings for the default image, Portrait, Landscape, Neutral, and Black. That is the choice for professional photos needed. The camera offers an easy way to make professional digital photos.

Sometimes itif you pay by the patient. Digital technology has improved to purchase a digital camera, a little 'as the purchase of a computer. If you wait just a few months, will be the next big step will be on the shelves. Waiting can be difficult, but may help to decide what is the best digital slr camera.

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Friday, February 12, 2010

Canon EOS Rebel T1i EF - S Digital Camera - 3 Outstanding Features You Do not Want to Miss

If you're a hobbyist, you will enjoy all the features of the Canon EOS Rebel T1i EF-S digital slr cameras. But when it comes to pure shot, the camera's best features are obvious, especially if you have previously used a Canon Rebel.

Since I have several marriages, and thousands of pet pictures with a Canon Rebel XTi, Canon EOS Rebel T1i these three EF-S digital slr cameras have filmed Featuresfor further review:

High Definition Video
You can imagine the flexibility of still images, video switches for these applications:

Let the wedding photographer to shoot the video of the ceremony. You use the Canon Rebel T1i high-definition capabilities for interviews with members of the wedding or for honest feedback from guests.

Pet Photography
Take pictures of dogs challenges photographer patient. Afterthe ability to switch to video for the simplest of actions (which is always in trouble now?) is a striking feature.

Child Photography
Have children? Function digital camera, the memories forever, video recordings of the actions forever.

3.0-inch Clear View LCD (anti-reflective and anti-stain)
Live-View 3.0-inch screen on the back of the camera rocks! You do not have to squint at a small screen and you can actually see the screen under the sun.

100-3200 ISO speed range(Extension of ISO 6400, 12800)
Lighting is so important, used in most photographic applications, for example, shooting weddings in a dark room or under baby at home in low light conditions. This increases the Canon EOS Rebel T1i EF-S digital slr cameras, lighting flexibility exponentially with (the Canon Rebel XTi).

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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

digital slr rebel Class room with some limitations

I buy the camera from Panasonic FZ28 superzoom camera broke and had to return because of it.
I bought the camera with lens 18-200 mm. As he had done before, almost 1 year with the image of Panasonic, I could compare well.
Invincible + class Bilsstabilistor is the Canon lens. Tele 200 MMM 1 / 15 second hand is pixelscharf possible.
+ The high ISO capability of the Canon is also of class. ISO 1600 images are good. Here, the CF can not go to 28
+ Noise at high ISO settings outside, I was very surprised that the picture quality of Panasonic is no worse than the Canon, especially if your goal is fully transformed the barrel. Very bad and range of Canon lenses of 135 mm.
+ HD video is recorded at a speed of 20 frames per second. This is not really a restriction. With a format converter, you can increase the frame rate of 30 frames per second. The images run the team. Given that Canon chooses a low compression ratio, which is without sacrificing quality.
+ Automated programs Panasonic performs better than the Canon. My wife, who prefer to simply press the shutter allows Biler worse, as the face of the Canon too weak and therefore unusable. I have some photos that the petals in the foreground, Sharp, 5 children are behind the flower, however, clear. The fully automatic mode, the Panasonic is automatically selected scene modes, the better.
+ Live View Mode, of course, the Panasonic can not be used for automatic programming of Canon. It should be noted here must be done manually by pressing a button. For me, as a "fan" of the applicant is a good thing. My wife prefers to see on the monitor that is not appropriate because the snapshot manual focus.
+ Image and sound quality of these videos are even better in the Canon. However, even here, deutlch Panasonic bedienerfeundlicher. With the knowledge that I have a Canon Tastdruck extra sharpness. Automatic tracking of work and not. In reality, it must be cut manually.

The camera excellent, I give 4 stars. Since the utility is not the level of a Superzoomkamera much cheaper, I subtract a star. A digital SLR for the consumer market should, in my opinion, also has an automatic matching.

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